DUX has been on the market since 2001. It has always focused on providing the best logistics services and quality control for European and global customers. It has established four operations centers in Europe - in London, Frankfurt, Vienna and Prague.

History of the company

The Dux Logistics & Tech Praha s.r.o. company was founded in February 2015 by its parent company operating in Germany. It deals primarily with the quality control of displays and touch panels in the built-in auto-navigation, as well as other components. We cooperate with important partners from all over the world, mainly in the field of automotive. Our partners are LG, BOE / Varitronix, Truly, TPK, etc.

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After several years of operation in the Czech Republic, Dux Logistics & Tech Praha s.r.o. extend of services related to quality and logistics to other European destinations - Germany, Romania and Hungary.

In 2021, the company expanded with additional production and storage facilities, thus increasing its production capacity by almost 100%

Our strengths

Our main advantages are excellent experience with quality control, top-level equipment, flexibility and an individual and personal approach to each order. We provide our customers with the highest quality, reliability, quality improvement, cost savings and a high level of customer care.


Be one of the best in the industry and be a trusted partner


Strive for permanent growth, manage the company with an emphasis on permanent and long-term appreciation of the company with a guarantee of its stability

The main pillars of the company


Continuously achieve high quality services in connection with environmental protection by applying ISO standards. Continuously increase the effectiveness of the quality management system


Continuously achieve the development of the company by thoughtfully linking the initiative of the company's management, skills and opportunities to work with the potential of each employee, his ingenuity and activity


Focuse on the customer and satisfying his needs is a basic strategy


Respecting the Code of Ethics and social responsibility is a matter of course

Our mission

Our mission is to provide to business partners services of such high quality to be proud to work with us. We are aware that this will not be possible without the honest and conscientious work of each of us. We are very happy to be able to work on such a task.


ISO 9001 : 2015

Our company is certificated for Quality management system which is applied for all our services.

ISO 45001:2018 certifikat

ISO 45001 : 2018

Our company is certificated for Health and safety management system. 

ISO 45001:2018